GreenTech Rooter

Organic Liquid Fertilizer

Rooter is a product totally organic and derived from plant sources. It affects the growth hormones of the plant auxin and cytokinin. It's enriched by natural enzymes, fulvic acids and vitamins.

GreenTech Rooter

What is Rooter

Rooter is a produt made totally of organic and herbal soures. It comprises of enzymes, fulvic acide, amino acide and vitamins enriched by natural hormones triggering growth hormones like auxine and cytokine in vegetables. Rooter has high level of ingestion by plant thanks to the enzymes it contains. It is a product manufactured particularly for triggering capillary rooting. It is a perfet rooter. It enables root growth as well as vegetative growth in plants. Rooter increases resistance against negative stress conditions thanks to its rich content. Rooter is a perfect rooter and stress eliminator due to the fermentation system in its manufacture process.


 Recommended concentrations are dissolved in water; the product does not solve and deposit residueby no means.


Garanti Edilen İçerik


Total Organic Matter

% 20

Total Nitrogen (N)

% 0,8

Organic Nitrogen (N)

% 0,3

Total Phosphorus Pentoxide 

% 0,02

Water-Soluble Phosphorus Pentoxide 

% 0,01

Water- soluble Potassium oxide (P2O)

% 0,2




Area of usage and amounts required to be used :

Vegetable nursery, Fruit nursery,Vineyard, Olives, Field crops,Industrial Crops, Seedbeds and Grafted Seedlings, Ornamental Plant and cut flower

With dripping irrigation

500 cc / da