Natural Bioplasma 

Microbial Fertilizer 

Natural Bioplasma means a revolution for plant nutrition. With regards to its performance , safety and exceptional features , it is a super-effective active plasma fertilizer .



% 100 Water Soluble Drip Fertilizer With Special Chelates 

Comparing the competitors , thanks to its using % 30 less and two times more absorbtion , it is both economic and effective .


Our products were approved by the Ministries of Agriculture of Turkey ,Hungary , Albania , Egypt ,Syria ,Yemen , Iran , Jordan and Algeria .

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MDT Denge Tarım

We, as the family of MDT Denge Agriculture, undertook an intensive work in order to avoid soil loss and protect the natural balance of soil throughout Turkey, focusing on clean environment, and human, and with the sense of healthy production.

About Us

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Effective, economical, and clean

Check our super effective, economical, clean, safe, and 100% organic products; yield health to soil.


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